Happy Patients
I drive over an hour to have my dental work done by Dr. Hastings. He has been my dentist for over twenty years. Dr Hastings and his staff are professional and treat me like family. I have always been satisfied with the treatment I have received. I continue to get many compliments on my beautiful veneers.
Dale Coker
I've been coming to see Dr. Hastings for years and I truly believe he is the best in his field. I knocked my front teeth out a few years back and he is the only person I trusted to fix them up. He is incredibly attentive to detail and really takes the time to make sure that you get the results you want. On top of that, the rest of the staff are incredibly accommodating and treat you like family. I would recommend this office to anybody who values superb dental work and incredible service.
Allie Chapman
I have fought the reality of having dentures for years. The uncomfortable fit, awkward ability to eat most food items, and how the denture would react in different situations were my main concerns. The implant-supported denture and partial have been a godsend. I never have to worry about what I eat, how the teeth are going to react to different situations. It is the closest I can imagine to real teeth--easy to keep clean and always secure. With the palate-free partial, I don't feel like I have a mouthful of stuff supporting the teeth and food seems to have a better taste.
Lane Siebenthal
Dr. Hastings has exceeded his reputation as the best dentist In the region. I am very impressed and happy to have found him. I will recommend him to everyone!
John Berry
I am so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Hastings. For 52 years I have struggled with dentures that did not fit and did not allow me to properly chew my food. I had tremendous pain in my jaw joint because I only had 6 teeth on my lower arch and could not wear my lower partial. Dr. Hastings carefully assessed my situation and proposed a solution that has worked very well. For the first time since 1963 I am chewing on my back teeth and truly enjoying eating whatever I want. Thank you so much Dr. Hastings!
Bobbie Flanders
Dr. Hastings changed my life. I suffered for years with ill-fitting, painful dentures. I couldn’t eat with my dentures in, so I would not go out to restaurants with my family. Now, my implant-retained dentures are so secure I can eat anything I want, anywhere I want! I would talk every denture wearer into doing this for themselves if I could. Feel free to have your patients who are thinking about this procedure call me.
Judy Forshey
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